Free Graphic Resource for Children's Ministry Leaders

Kids in the world can learn the Bible with fun, thanks to your support!

Bible learnersWe are trying to make a big cartoon style illustration library featuring all the major Bible events, which is free to use for everyone all over the world. Please be a part of the project if you like our idea. Help the project keep delivering the clips for free for churches with less budget to learn about the Bible with fun.

Followings are the ways to support this project. Most importantly I ask you to do #1, your prayer for the project, this helps most for sure. I also suggest some other ways. This project needs your support. Thanks!


Praying for the project.

This is the most powerful help for the project indeed. Yes, we need your prayer most.
Please pray for the project to keep going.


Let your friends know what's available here.

In the internet, it's difficult to get handy fun free drawings about the Bible from the verses you want all in a same taste of drawing. Our Bible illustration library would be very helpful for those who are seeking this kind of resource.
Please tell your Sunday school teachers, Christian relating publishers about us. I am hoping they would find the library helpful.

There are also some more useful materials like animation videos, games, e-cards, web gadgets.


Jesus' life poster

A free poster for your chuch!

We are giving away a poster for your church for free!
It's only limited number, please apply while it's available.
Send us your church's name and the address where we can send the poster to, and home page URL if your church has one.

The churches which got a free poster.

There are only 30 so far (by 4th Sep 2013). Please apply more!

  • First Presbyterian Church of Frostproof, Florida, USA
  • Apostolic Worship Center, Oregon, USA
  • English Congregational United Church of Christ, Illinois, USA
  • Katy Christian Community Church, Texas, USA
  • Champion Life Church, Pennsylvania, USA
  • ECCJ Japanese Church, London, United Kingdom
  • Eastwood Forest Baptist Church, North Carolina, USA
  • Leigh Road Baptist Church, Essex, United Kingdom
  • Mgarr Parish Church, Mgarr, Malta
  • Leigh Road Baptist Church, Essex, England
  • Newton Church of God, Texas, USA
  • Our lady of Lourdes parish, San Gwann, Malta
  • Faith Ministries Church, Arizona, USA
  • Capital City Adventist Christian School, Minnesota, USA
  • Jesus Is Lord Church, Laguna, Philippines
  • Bangkok Japanese Christian Church, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Lilia's Place church, Cebu, Philippines
  • Bonds of Fellowship Church Samngao, Tak, Thailand
  • St. Mary Church, California, USA
  • Tomball United Methodist Church, Texas, USA
  • GPdI FILADELFIA, Tegal, Indonesia
  • Mow Cop Community Church, Stoke on Trent, England
  • St. Paul's Church, New Jersey, USA
  • Woodinville Community United Methodist Church, Washington, USA
  • St Peter's Church, Oxfordshire, England
  • Grace Chapel Kingfisher Park, Sabah, Malaysia
  • The High School of St. Thomas More, Illinois, USA
  • Monument Point Fellowship, Florida, USA
  • Gereja Kristus Tuhan Bethany, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Yamato Calvary Chapel, Kanagawa, Japan


Link to

A link from your church site could be a big gateway for many people to find their free clipart.
This will be a big help for this project to get known. Please make a link to


Sending your requests for new illustration.

Please send your request when you are in need of a illustration which is not available here yet.
You can request for $10 /illustration and it gets the top of our illustration production list. This way, you will get what you need quickly and yet you would help everyone get the image which is not available yet. You will be also a sponsor of that illustration too.
Without any requests, we are proceeding the illustration production following the Bible, on both Old testament and New testament.

Click here for more detail.

Thank you for your interest. Please send us your request by email first, then I will reply about how I can work for your request. If you like it, you pay $10 through Paypal, I will start working on it after the confirmation of your payment.
Please remember, the illustration you request will be added to our free illustration library for all people. Thank you. ;)

Also you can request unavailable coloring sheets too in the same way you do for the illustrations but it's only for $3 /coloring sheet.


Being a sponsor of an existing illustration for $10.

You can be a sponsor of any clipart illustration / animation / game for C$10.-. Your name or your church's name with a link will be on the clipart page you support. That could be a nice tiny handy ad for you / your church or your company.
Your support will surely help us to continue this production. Thank you!


Buying a poster at our online shop.

We are selling high quality large offset printing posters featuring the many of our illustrations. Currently we carry 1 poster, which shows about Jesus' life on the earth from the Nativity scene to Ascension, 35 illustrations are included in this one big poster. I am hoping your kids would learn about Jesus' events in a fun way with this poster!


Being a sponsor of a new animation / game.

These productions need bigger budget, and we really need your help.
A plan and the storyboard of the production will be posted on the website. Please take a look at it and think about it.
And if you like the plan, please be a part of the production by supporting partial production cost.
Your company's logo will be at the beginning of the clip (with a link on Flash version) as a sponsor of the project. These free animations and games are frequently played worldwide and occasionally win some prizes too. This would be a good chance for your company to let people know what you are supporting for.


Being a site sponsor.

We are seeking site sponsors who support our activity.
Your advertisement will be at many places in this site, replacing current ad from Google.

Here are some ideas.

Followings are just rough ideas, they are always negotiable to match your need.

  • Title sponsor: Ad comes at the top of the top page above the site logo ($300/month)
  • View pages: Ad comes at the top of the all the view pages, replacing Google ads ($300/month)
  • Top page right column: Ad comes at the right column of the top page, replacing Google ads ($150/month)


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Thank you! (^_^)/