Free Graphic Resource for Children's Ministry Leaders

Kids in the world can learn the Bible with fun, thanks to your support!

Bible learnersWe are trying to make a big cartoon style illustration library featuring all the major Bible events and Bible verses, which is free to use for everyone all over the world. Please be a part of the project if you like our idea by using them in your projects for churches for free to learn about the Bible with fun.

The followings are ways to support this project. Most importantly I ask you to do #1, your prayer for the project, this helps most. I also suggest some other ways. This project needs your support. Thanks!


Praying for the project.

This is the most powerful help for the project indeed. Yes, we need your prayer most.
Please pray for the project to keep going.


Let your friends know what's available here.

In the internet, it's difficult to get handy fun free drawings about the Bible from the verses you want all in a same taste of drawing. Our Bible illustration library would be very helpful for those who are seeking this kind of resource.
Please tell your Sunday school teachers, Christian relating publishers about us. I am hoping they would find the library helpful.


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A link from your church site could be a big gateway for many people to find their free clipart.
This will be a big help for this project to get known. Please make a link to


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